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Van Cauter Advocaten was founded in 2011 by mr. Joris Van Cauter. It is a young but experienced office specialised in all fields of criminal law.


Van Cauter Advocaten assists private individuals who are suspected of having committed a crime during each stage of the criminal prosecution (investigation phase, trial phase, execution). In addition, the office regularly assists victims of crimes during the entire criminal or civil proceedings.


The office assists clients in often delicate, media-sensitive and technically complex cases, always focusing on drive and thoroughness, both procedurally and in terms of content. The office always strives for a clear and pragmatic approach to every case. The size of the office guarantees the client a personal contact with the lawyer who handles the file. Honesty, openness and consultation with the client are always central.


In addition to private individuals, Van Cauter Advocaten also provides assistance to legal entities that are being held criminally responsible (Article 5 of the Belgian Criminal Code). Van Cauter Advocaten also provides advice and support to professionals and other lawyers in cases of general criminal law as well as in technical-legal matters (e.g. advice on the opportunity and chances of success of a criminal complaint, procedures before the Belgian highest courts, etc.).


Van Cauter Advocaten has five lawyers at its disposal who are specialized in procedures before the Court of Cassation. Mr. Joris Van Cauter, mr. Karel De Meester, mr. Catherine Gysels and mr. Charlotte Kerckhofs obtained the necessary certificate to be allowed to conduct procedures before the Court of Cassation in criminal matters, which is mandatory since 1 March 2016.


In addition, the office has an extensive network of experts that can be called upon.


The office is located in Ghent, but deals with cases across the country.

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